Free Cage

Internet of Things installation

Thessaloniki Biennale

_ 2019

Free Cage is an aluminum lamp presented at the Design Biennial in Thessaloniki. Designed according to harmonic principles, it is an interactive product i.o.t. technologically advanced and equipped with sensors. It changes color and intensity according to frequencies and vibrations produced by the sound of a Tibetan bell.

We, sailors and prisoners, will be increasingly caught up in this vast network of tangible and intangible entities. We will be more and more inside a prison with open cages, and we will be like those birds that no longer flee from their cage even the doors are open. We will be at the same time both the wolf and the dog of Aesop’s fable, without knowing which of the two identities we will be interpreting with our choices.Where is freedom? Where is the prison? Where is the matter? Where is transcendence? Which song will we sing? The power or frustration? The escape or the return?