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04 April 2017


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About This Project

So Long! Nilufar 2017 Exhibition

A so long sitting system…



Nilufar Depot_Viale Vincenzo Lancetti 34, 04-09 April, Milano, Fuorisalone

“So Long!” is an extendable  and flexible sofa composed joining a “cushion+base element” projected according to the “design for disassembly” rules.

Every  element is composed by an alluminium base that could become a shelf , a cushion in polyurethan  and a washable cover in fire retardand PES tissue.

From the game of combinations an experimental object could come out, which can change size and appearance depending on the number of people and the type of relationships that take place around, with formal antecedents in the work of Tadini and a certain constructivism Russian, as well as color in the wake of research by Hella Jongerius.

“So Long!” Recovers some ideas of Joe Colombo, Cini Boeri, Zanuso and Magistretti and tries to develop them in the versatility and flexibility key: it is is thought to be extremely lightweight, portable, assembled and disassembled by a single person, every single part replaceable and washable on time only when necessary.

The name “So Long!” obviously  alludes to the possibility of lengthening the seating system, but plays on the double meaning  that the circumlocution assumes in English, used colloquially to say “see you soon”, “goodbye till next time we see”, “next” … Used to a sofa or armchair thus becomes an invitation to meet between two people, to meet again, to give themselves a next date on them.