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About This Project

Rom Emergency Settlement


Time: April-September 2010

Object: A research about the foundamentals of Design in Rom-settlements

Group of research: Unit of research on European Policies for Rom, Unimi Bicocca.



The research is developed inside the reflections of the Unit of Research on Local Policies for Rom in Europe of the Università Bicocca Milano, in which i took part from 2009 to 2011.

It aims to describe and analyse the different settlement’s models of Rom and Sinti groups in the north of Italy in order to propose some principles of design for housing and settlement which are able to fit with the complexity of the variables linked with the complexity of the relationship between the “major society” and this “minorities”.

The paper has been pubblished in the Acts of the XIV Congress of the SIU ( Society of Italian Urbanists ), Torino 2011.