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A research and a concept for a new tassellated decoration


Around the ‘500 BC, Heraclitus wrote a text of which now remain to us a few scattered fragments. Tradition says it was entitled “Peri Physeos” or “On the Nature”. In it, the first signs of a thought that questions the mysterious nature of the world around us, on the continuous changing nature and eternity of conflicting laws that regulate it. Perished Physeos Project is a collaborative project in progress at the intersection of art, design, philosophy, technology and craftsmanship, in that intersection that is searching for innovative aesthetic formulations and implementation of articles with the character out of the ordinary. All in constant dialogue with critical thinking questioning, searching for the meaning and try to build narratives. A research frontier between matter and ideas, between craftsmanship of excellence and formal experiments in an attempt to embrace the footsteps of a beauty that, like nature of all things, as Heraclitus said, loves hiding.


The resarch borns from a collaboration withTecnolegno s.n.c. in order to develop a new concept for tassellated decoration. It takes into accout the hystosical, philosophical and mathematical problems related to the decoration, especially the inlay, addresses issues related to contemporary forms of representation considered “lawful” in the contemporary cultural paradigm and proposes some possible future directions.