O9.8_Open Puzzle at Ventura Lambrate


04 April 2017


functional eterodoxity, home, meta thv krisi

About This Project

Open Puzzle VEL 2017 Exhibition

O playful sound absorber system



Via Privata Oslavia 1_Ventura Lambrate, 04-09 April, Milano, Fuorisalone

“Open Puzzle” is a system to create infinite decorative  patterns for curtain-lamps-sound absorber, adding thin magnetic pieces  on the modular surfaces.

The curtain-lamps are like thin diafragmas which separate and illuminate spaces giving them a various cromatic mood.

On the same module t is possible to create different  composition variating the disposition of the pieces, like in an “open puzzle”. With an amount of coloured pieces it is possible to create many different patterns.