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Project: Irotee is a project start-up incubator supported Bergamo Development and the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo.
It provides advice, research and design support for SMEs wishing to use the design as a driver of innovation
for the development of new products, for the creation of new Brand, for the expansion of its market reference
and the search for new opportunities in new markets.

Supporter: Bergamo Sviluppo, Camera di Commercio di Bergamo, Incubatore di Impresa 2020 Bergamo

Projects: Ate Rote, irotee, Roberto Rota



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Design for Small Companies


irotee is a network of researcher and professionists for the developement of new products of design. The project is  started in December 2012, when I won the contest organized by “Bergamo Sviluppo” for entering in the  “Incubatore di Impresa 2013 of the Italian Chamber of Commerce”. Thanks to this, now, it’s one year and half  that I’ve opened  my office with my collaborators  in the “Technological Point” of the University of Bergamo”, which is one of the partners of “Bergamo Sviluppo”.

Irotee has recently been selected for entering in the Year Selection 2015 at the “European Business Awards” , which is a competition between the most innovative and developing project for society and economy in the EU political and economical area.


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