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Project: ioop is an awarded cooperative ( winner of “Culturability contest 2014” ) which works in the field that lies between 3d modeling, representation of social and territorial transformation, infographic and web design

SupporterFondazione Unipolis

Projects: Ate Rote, Roberto Rota, Cristian Bonanomi, Olga Stopazzolo, Fabio Valle



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Ioop! Which means ioop? First, it is an exclamation sui generis, of joy, undoubtedly …
Ioop! It can pronounce when it seizes an opportunity or when opening new perspectives, unexpected … Or when he jumps headlong into something akin to an adventure when we are told that it can end badly but, equally, it is try … Ioop!
Ioop is a name that condenses the two poles of meaning within which range of its activities.
On the one hand the world of advanced graphics display: video, photography, animation, infographic, stop motion, 3D modeling, augmented reality … Forms of representation seeking to interpret and give an appearance of things, all the more so as the complex phenomena of transformation : how it is changing the look of the area where we live, what will be the effect on people’s lives of the changes in environmental conditions, as it will be tomorrow the social structure of the city in which we work, what will be the form that interprets a new social aspiration in a different job …
The I of ioop is the I Imagineering: a combination of data analysis, technical and imagination, able to generate synthesis immediate, effective, beautiful, usable by all, that represent that information usually expressed as numerical data or searches bodied and texts.
Ioop But not only art and technique, is also participation, attention to social relations. “OOP” like the tail of the word “co-op”, cooperation, collaboration. Ioop intends to display at the service of those social, cultural, economic and actively promote forms of participation and collaboration between individuals, improvement of territories, creating collective opportunities, innovative ecological reconversion of the economic activities …
Ioop looks at the world of those who invent products and services that have an idea of ​​the future
as improvement for all.
Ioop! Or imagineering coop.