– A Manifest –

What is the function of Design nowadays?

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There have been over the centuries glorious moments of synthesis, in which the visions of earlier times were collected and organized and have laid the foundations for future times.

What  we are experiencing today is not the time of synthesis.

It ‘a fluid moment, confused, unstable, in which culture, society, psychology confront moments of crisis and metamorphosis. However, the elements that make up our time are highly reactive, dynamic, harbingers of evolution, loads of new perspectives. We live in a magma boiling.

This is no time for synthesis, it’s time to experiment, it ‘time to partial crystallization of magma boiling, to be evaluated and then thrown back into it, to multiply models evaluating errors.

Today it is time for experimentation. But it isn’t the experiment of Science, which seeks neatly confirmations to a theory by asking the nature of responding accordingly to the way the question is put to it.

Today is the experiment of trying to build travel directions trying to interpret the oracles of the Pythia of Delphi. A groping for errors and subsequent temporary improvements.

The first models will be used to crystallize a subsequent phase of analysis and redefinition of the models themselves. One day will be a synthesis of all this, when times and epochs will mature properly.

Design today has the characteristics and the disciplinary statute sufficiently articulated and hybrid  to take charge of the social experience of future models of social utility, cultural, technological.

The experimentation partecipate of a multidisciplinary nature and the forms in which the Design will express will be more and more multidisciplinary.

ATE ROTE want to characterize its Design in the wake of these ideas, as part of this function of experimentation that we believe is one of the current tasks of the discipline: to create models and prototypes to contribute to the multiplication of possible models, as legacy to future and more mature moments of synthesis.

The approach of our Design is based on the combination THEMATIC-EXPERIMENT and each of the two terms is characterized by being a work in progress.

In this experimental approach we start from the “collection” of various elements to give shape to a disparate jumble of thoughts, which have an intrinsic link between them, they belong to the same issue: the Thematic. By bubbling reflections detach small crystals, more organized, but still undefined and raw: the Experiments

Themes and experiments are ongoing, evolving, play a game between them constant and progressive redefinition mutual. And in giving substance to the idea of ​​Experimental Design, they cross some disciplinarian topos, which are:

– The places of creation of ideas (“Alternatives in Societies” and “Utopia”);

– The relationship between the categories constitutive of the design (“Functional Eterodoxity”and “Noumena”);

– The transformation of the production system, with respect to which the design is in symbiotic relationship (“Future Productive Economy”);

– Relations with the conventional system functions related to the widespread forms of settlement and habitation (“Metà thv Krisi”).